We are a team of expert professionals who provide continuing medical education, organization of scientific and educational events, and consultation in the fields of medicine, education and technology.

ResusMedX is looking to recruit a part-time staff person for an initial trial period of 3 months starting in July 2019, with the possibility (upon assessment of performance) of extension to one year contract.

(Posted 7/8/19)

Position: Product Development, Communications, Logistics, & Operations

Position Type: Part Time Staff

Areas of work: Media, Communications, Logistics, & Operations

Position description:

This position involves to work closely with the company’s leadership on the production of the medical course series The Resuscitative TEE Workshop, as well as the development of new products in the fields of education, medicine and technology. This is a dynamic role with flexible hours and opportunity to travel nationally and internationally. This position’s tasks involve communications, project development, logistics, social media and marketing operations.

Time commitment:

  • The time commitment is flexible and will vary throughout the year according to projects, but in the range of 10-16 hours per week.

Candidate should be:

  • Reliable and self-motivated

  • Able to work independently

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills

  • Knowledgeable on the use of social media channels (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook)

  • Interested in learning new skills

Ideal but not required:

  • Residence in Philadelphia or NYC

  • Interest in education, innovation, medicine and/or technology

  • Experience with 3D printing, design, photography and/or video

Job benefits

  • Competitive hourly salary

  • Flexible hours

  • Primarily remote work (can work from anywhere) but would ideally work in ResusMedX office in Philadelphia part of the time every week or for specific projects.

  • Learning from experts in the medical field

  • Travel (courses held in Miami Beach, Los Angeles, NYC, London, Amsterdam and Sydney).

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